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Storylines Janice Marriott Mentoring Award Entry Form

Storylines Janice Marriott Mentoring Award Entry Form

Entries to be received by 5.00pm on 31 October each year

Proudly sponsored by Janice Marriott

This form (including declaration) must be completed in full and must accompany your manuscript. Please also read and complete the checklist.

Entry Requirements

  1. A one-page outline of your novel as a PDF file (see below).
  2. TWO (2) only sample chapters as a PDF file (see below)
  3. Manuscripts should be 12pt Times Roman font, in 1.5 or single line spacing. 
  4. The entrant’s name SHOULD NOT be on any part of the manuscript.
  5. Chapter length should be suitable for a junior fiction title for ages 8 - 12 years. Please note the word count on the title page.
  6. The anticipated word length of your completed manuscript should be noted in your outline.
  7. Sample chapters can be any TWO chapters – they do not need to be the FIRST two.


I have read and understood the following eligibility criteria:

  1. I am normally a resident in New Zealand and a New Zealand citizen by birth, naturalisation or immigration, or have held a Permanent Residence Permit in New Zealand for a period of at least TWO (2) years at the closing date for submissions. New Zealand citizens or permanent residents as defined here but who are living overseas temporarily are eligible if their absence is for LESS than two (2) years at the closing date for submissions.
  2. I have not previously had any books for children or young adults in any genre (picture books, junior fiction, young adult or non-fiction) published either in hard copy or online, whether by a commercial publisher or self-published. Publication by the applicant of small literary works either in hard copy or online in any genre is allowable. These could include a short story or poem in an anthology, the text of a school reader or articles for magazines.
  3. I have not applied for or received any financial assistance towards this project.
  4. This manuscript is an original piece of work and has not appeared in any format i.e. has not been published (either by self-publishing or a small publishing house) in either print or digital format for trade (books sold through normal retail or online bookstores) or for educational purposes or be anywhere in the process of publication.
  5. My name is not on any part of my outline page or on the TWO submitted chapters.
  6. I have paid my entry fee of $20.00 per title for members or $40.00 per title for non-members via online banking or via the Storylines website.
  7. I have attached a one-page outline of my novel as a PDF file.
  8. I have attached TWO chapters of my manuscript as a PDF file.
  9. Entries will NOT be returned and will be destroyed securely.
  10. All submissions will be treated with confidence and remain the intellectual property of the author.
  11. Authors can submit more than one entry provided EACH submission has a completed entry form and applicable entry fee is paid.
  12. I cannot request any alteration to my manuscript after it has been submitted.
  13. The winner will be notified by phone and a media release will be made after the
    presentation of the award at the annual Storylines Margaret Mahy National Awards Day.
  14. No correspondence will be entered into and the judges decision is final.
  15. The winner will maintain confidentiality until the presentation.
  16. The winner will be required to provide a photograph and short biography for media publicity and the Storylines website.
  17. I understand that the award is judged ‘blind’. Therefore my name does not appear on any part of my manuscript
  18. I declare that the details given on the entry form are correct and I have not used a nom de plume.
  19. I understand that my manuscript is not eligible if it does not comply with points 17 & 18 above.


Please enter your name below as a signature for this award entry, this confirms that you have agreed to our full terms and conditions of entry.

Entry Fee: $40.00
Entry Fee: $41.30
Entry Fee: $20.00
Entry Fee: $20.80

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