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Annual General Meeting

Friends of Storylines Incorporated

Ngā Pou o te Whare Waituhi Tamariki o Aotearoa

Notice of Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 26 March 2024, 7:30pm

The Friends of Storylines Incorporated Ngā Pou o te Whare Waituhi Tamariki o Aotearoa gives notice that its Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday 26 March 2024 at 7.30pm online. 

We encourage all members to mark their calendars and prioritise attendance at our upcoming AGM. Your engagement is vital to the continued growth and prosperity of Storylines, and we look forward to your active involvement in shaping our collective future.

While members of the public are welcome to attend the AGM, voting is limited to financial members of the Friends of Storylines Incorporated Ngā Pou o te Whare Waituhi Tamariki o Aotearoa. 

All attendees are required to register.

Notices of Motion are welcomed and should be received no later than Wednesday 20 March 2024 5.00pm, emailed to the Storylines Administrator.

Nominations for the Storylines Management Committee can be sent in writing to the Storylines Administrator by no later than Tuesday 19 March 2024 12.00pm.

Award winning author, Leonie Agnew will be joining us for the Friends of Storylines AGM presenting 

Confession Time: What I Stole From Fellow Authors. Tips, tricks and general observations on our amazing children’s literature community.



As a member of Friends of Storylines, attending our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is not just a formality but a crucial event mandated by law. The AGM serves as a cornerstone of transparency and accountability within our organization. It provides you, our valued members, with a platform to gain insights into Storylines’ performance, finances, and future plans.

By attending the AGM and reviewing the associated paperwork, you ensure that you stay well-informed about the direction and activities of Storylines. It’s an opportunity to have your voice heard, contribute to decision-making processes, and play an active role in the governance and success of our organization.

Your participation in the AGM strengthens the bond between members and leadership, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. Together, we can work towards achieving our shared goals and upholding the values that define Friends of Storylines.

AGM Registration

AGM Apologies

2024/ 2025 Management Committee Nominees

Nomination Form

2023 Annual Report

2023 Financial Report (these have been approved by Friends MC and are currently under external review)

2023 AGM Minutes

Proxy Voting Form

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Storylines welcomes your support for all its activities and events. Whether as a volunteer or sponsor for annual events or specific activities, your support (large or small) towards helping young New Zealanders love books is greatly appreciated.

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We are a national organisation working year-round to promote New Zealand children’s and young adult literature through activities that include a major national Story Tour to schools, early childhood centres and communities, and awards for writers, illustrators and those who work in the area of New Zealand children’s literature

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