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Eileen Merriman

Author Eileen Merriman was born in November 1974. She grew up in Wellington; studied at the University of Otago/Otago Medical School and received a PhD from Monash University in 2019. She is currently a haematologist at North Shore Hospital, Auckland.

[Image by David Rowland.]


Selected bibliography:

  • Pieces of You, Penguin Random House 2017
  • Catch Me When You Fall, Penguin Random House 2018
  • Invisibly Breathing, Penguin Random House 2019
  • A Trio of Sophies, Penguin Random House 2020
  • Violet Black, Penguin Random House 2021
  • Black Wolf, Penguin Random House 2021
  • Black Spiral, Penguin Random House 2022
  • Indigo Moon, Penguin Random House 2022


  • Short-listed for New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults: Pieces of You (2018), Catch Me When You Fall (2018), Invisibly Breathing (2019), Violet Black (2022)
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards: Pieces of You (2018); Catch Me When You Fall (2019), A Trio of Sophies (2021), Violet Black (2022), Black Wolf (2022), Black Spiral (2022)
  • Runner-up Sunday Star Times Short Story Award 2018
  • Third place for three consecutive years 2014-2016 Sunday Star Times Short Story Awards
  • Second place Bath Flash Fiction Award 2015
  • Commended Bath Short Story Competition 2015

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