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Poet Trinity Thompson-Browne discusses some of the benefits of MyCreativeRights Catalogue

Poet Trinity Thompson-Browne discusses some of the benefits

Trinity Thompson-Browne (Ngāti Kahungunu, Muaūpoko), is a poet from Aotearoa New Zealand whose work explores essence and simplicity. Their debut, three-volume collection, i am navigator, has been produced independently over seven years by an uninterrupted chain of Māori hands and comes out at the rising of Matariki, 2024.
Why are you using the MyCreativeRights Catalogue?
 I’m using the MyCreativeRights Catalogue because it’s a really good platform for hosting all of the record-keeping elements of creative work.
It’s a good way to keep track of the different types of work I’m across — my poetry prints, my upcoming poetry triology i am navigator, as well as works in progress and pieces for exhibition proposals. And that’s not even including my seven-year photography catalogue that I’ll begin migrating onto MyCreativeRights this year.  Keeping records and dates of works is also good insurance against copyright infringement.
What are the benefits of using the Catalogue?
 MyCreativeRights adds value to my creative practice by helping me pre-empt the kinds of information I need to keep track of.

When I’m writing a poem or taking a photo, I’m not thinking about recording the metadata of what I’m creating; if I did, I’d imagine it to be a laborious and tedious process at best. MyCreativeRights makes recording metadata take two minutes of my time and the more times I fill out the metadata sections for works I create, the easier it gets.
I like the way I can keep legal contracts that relate to the works in the one place, and be reminded of key dates, for example the Rights Reversion date in a publishing agreement.
What would you say to other creators about the MyCreativeRights platform?
For authors and illustrators wondering about MyCreativeRights, it is a platform I have found extremely useful and one that has been tailored for creators. The record-keeping, accessible legal advice and copyright guides are all really practical, straightforward and applicable. If you are looking for an app to host your creative practice’s metadata and records on, MyCreativeRights is a really great tool to invest in.
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