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Abel Junior Tutagalevao

Abel was born in Samoa and grew up in South Auckland. He has a degree in education and graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Auckland in 2000.

Throughout his professional journey, Abel has held various positions, including field researcher, education and health promoter, and management roles for organisations such as Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.

For the past seven years, Abel has dedicated himself to supplying resources and writing books for Early Childhood centres and Primary schools across New Zealand and now in Australia. His work has gained recognition from teachers and learners who consider his non-fiction picture books as valuable assets for classroom learning, often referring to them as “taonga,” (treasures). Collaboration with professionals, Māori tohunga (experts), schools, and education practitioners has been an integral part of Abel’s creative process, ensuring authenticity in his works.

Abel’s writing is deeply influenced by his extensive travels across New Zealand, where he visits schools and engages with teachers and students. He has a strong commitment to helping young readers understand and appreciate cultural diversity, values, customs, and languages. His passion extends to areas such as social-emotional learning, behavior learning, wellbeing, cultures, language, identity, and the environment. Abel values Te Ao Māori (the Māori world) and is dedicated to promoting cultural diversity while honoring the histories and traditions of all peoples.

In addition to his writing endeavors, Abel takes pride in being a father to four children and resides in Auckland. He enjoys sports and is currently working on an exciting science fiction novel targeted at tweens, showcasing his versatility as an author.


Selected bibliography:

I’m Ready for School (Self-Published, 2019)
I Can Be a Problem Solver (Self-Published, 2019)
My New Friends (Self-Published, 2019)
I Can Be a Good Friend (Self-Published, 2019)
Our School Gardens (Self-Published, 2020)
Kaitiaki of the Environment (Self-Published, 2020)
Trash to Treasure (Self-Published, 2020)
I Can Be Like Māui (Self-Published, 2021)
I’m Māori and Proud (Self-Published, 2021)
I Can Kōrero Māori Everyday (Self-Published, 2021)
Let’s Celebrate Matariki (Self-Published, 2021)
Breathe With Me (Self-Published, 2022)
My Magic Pēke to Calm Me (Self-Published, 2022)
We Are One: The Spirit of Waitangi (Self-Published, 2022)
Maramataka: the many faces of the Moon (Self-Published, 2023)
I Feel Happy (Self-Published, 2023)
I Feel Sad (Self-Published, 2023)
I Feel Angry (Self-Published, 2023)
I Feel Scared (Self-Published, 2023)
I Feel Proud (Self-Published, 2023)
I Feel Shy (Self-Published, 2023)

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