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John Parker

John_Parker_1.jpgJohn Parker has written about 130 books for children, ranging from picture books to teenage fiction, as well as about 200 plays, poems, articles, or stories for publications and outlets like the School Journal, Radio New Zealand, and BBC School Radio. He has also penned around 400 articles for over 30 newspapers and magazines in New Zealand and overseas, many of them on tramping, skiing or golf.
John has clocked up some 200 visits to schools and colleges as a speaker and presenter, and regularly takes part in New Zealand Book Council tours and in Storylines events.
His four-volume history of New Zealand, Frontier of Dreams – the Story of New Zealand, was a finalist in the New Zealand Post Book Awards, short-listed for the Elsie Locke Award, and a winner for the Spectrum Print Design Award.

Selected bibliography:
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Other resources:

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