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Isabel Maud Peacocke

Isabel Maud Peacocke (1881–1973) was a prolific children’s author who lived in Devonport as a child. She began writing after World War I and had numerous books published during the 1920s and 1930s. Most of her books are now available only for reference in historical collections but in her day she was extremely popular in England and Europe.
Isabel’s publisher was Ward Locke of London and their print run would often sell out before any stock made its way to New Zealand. She was appointed the first and sole teacher at Dilworth School for disadvantaged boys in 1906.
Betty Gilderdale writes:

"Peacocke's novels, both for children and adults, are a celebration of Auckland and its environs. Her characters sail on the harbour, take trams along Karangahape Road, and sometimes catch a rickety bus which rattles over dirt roads to the bush of the Waitakere Ranges and the magnificent surf beaches of the West Coast. Cheltenham Beach, where she grew up, is the setting for two of her children's novels and for the autobiographical When I was seven (1927). In spite of this sense of place she was little known in New Zealand. All her novels were published in Britain and distribution arrangements were poor." (Dictionary of New Zealand Biography)
Selected bibliography:
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