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Jill Marshall

Jill_Marshall_with_two_Jane_Blondes.JPGJill Marshall moved to New Zealand in 2003 with her daughter. She has a master's degree in writing for children, a background in children's bookselling, and a writing and book consultancy called Write Good Stuff! Jill’s work in telecommunications inspired the use of gadgets in her Jane Blonde series.

Selected bibliography:
  • Jane Blonde: Sensational Spylet (Macmillan 2006).
  • Jane Blonde: Spies Trouble (Macmillan 2006).
  • Jane Blonde: Spylet on Ice (Macmillan 2007).
  • Jane Blonde: Twice the Spylet (Macmillan 2007).
  • Jane Blonde: Goldenspy (Macmillan 2008).
  • Jane Blonde: Spy in the Sky (Macmillan 2008).
  • Jane Blonde: The Perfect Spylet (Macmillan 2008). Written and published for World Book Day.
  • Jane Blonde: Spylets Are Forever (Macmillan 2009).
  • Dog Head (Macmillan 2009).
  • Kave-Tina Rocks illustrated by Sam Childs (Hodder 2009).
  • Dog-Head Bites Back (Macmillan 2010).
  • Matilda Peppercorn: Manx (Pear Jam Books 2011).
Other resources:

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