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Jeffy James

Jeffy_James_signing_1.jpgJeffy James was born in London in 1970 and grew up in Auckland. His early heroes were Dr. Seuss, Tintin and Batman. At age 11, Jeffy made his first book about a mouse who flew to the moon, which, miraculously, won first prize in a school competition. Later he studied illustration at design school, and then worked for two years in the world of advertising. Seeking adventure, he then left New Zealand and lived in London for seven years.
While working as a freelance illustrator, he made numerous sketching expeditions to great cities around Europe, and once travelled for six months throughout India. Jeffy draws mostly with pen, ink, watercolour and colour pencil, as well as using programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. He now lives on the wild west coast of Auckland with his German-born wife. He has illustrated over 20 books for children, and contributes regularly to publications such as the School Journal and BBC children’s magazines. His other favourite occupations are surfing, grooving to live music, and watching the sun go down.

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