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Ken Catran

Ken_Catran_1.jpgKen Catran won the 2007 Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal and is the acclaimed author of over 30 novels for young adults. Ken is particularly noted for his Deepwater Black and Solar Colonies sci-fi trilogies.
Ken’s television credits include many children's dramas and a dramatisation of his novel Steel Riders, as well as the script for the 1993 movie of Tessa Duder's novel Alex. In the 1990s Ken switched to writing fiction, beginning a career as one of the most prolific and versatile novelists in New Zealand, with a particular interest in the impact of technology on human societies.
With a passion for history and science fiction, his works reflect human interest details and interested readers cannot help but want to learn more. Notable titles include his Deepwater series, with Deepwater Black shortlisted for the 1993 AIM Children’s Book Awards Senior Fiction Award, and Voyage with Jason, which won the 2001 New Zealand Post Senior Teen Fiction Award and the New Zealand Book of the Year Award in the same year. His crime novels Talking to BlueBlue Murder and Blue Blood are true psychological thrillers, while his Moran family novels explore the impact of war on individuals and families.
Ken lives with his wife Wendy, also a writer, in Waimate, outside Timaru. After being awarded the Writer in Residence at the University of Waikato, Ken spent most of 2007 in Hamilton. During this time he was planning to work on a novel set during the Malayan Emergency of 1948–1956, which tells the story of a Chinese teenager fighting for the Communist guerrillas and a New Zealand soldier who lost his father in Singapore. The two young men are enemies, but after a skirmish they are forced to spend a night together and discover they have a lot in common. This new novel, Earth Dragon, Fire Hare, is a crossover senior teen/adult novel and a new departure for Ken.

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  • AIM Children’s Book Awards 1993 Senior Fiction Shortlist for Deepwater Black.
  • University of Otago College of Education Children Writer in Residence 1996.
  • AIM Children’s Book Awards 1993 Senior Fiction Shortlist 1996 for Dream-bite.
  • Esther Glen Award Shortlist 1997 for The Onager.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2000 Young Adult Fiction List for Golden Prince.
  • New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards Young Adult Fiction Winner 2001 for Voyage with Jason.
  • Esther Glen Award Shortlist 2001 for Voyage with Jason.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2001 Young Adult Fiction List for Talking to Blue.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2002 Young Adult Fiction List for Blue Murder.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2002 Young Adult Fiction List for Road Kill.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2002 Young Adult Fiction List for Taken at the Flood.
  • New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards Junior Fiction Shortlist 2003 for Something Weird about Mr Foster.
  • Esther Glen Award Shortlist 2003 for Letters from the Coffin-trenches.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2003 Junior Fiction List for Something Weird About Mr Foster.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2003 Young Adult Fiction List for Letters from the Coffin-Trenches.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2003 Young Adult Fiction List for Tomorrow the Dark.
  • Esther Glen Award Winner 2004 for Jacko Moran, Sniper.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2004 Young Adult Fiction List for Lin and the Red Stranger.
  • SFFANZ Sir Julius Vogel Award for Services to Science Fiction and Fantasy 2005.
  • SFFANZ Sir Julius Vogel Best Novel Nominee 2005 for Protus Rising.
  • Esther Glen Award Shortlist 2005 for Robert Moran, Private.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2005 Young Adult Fiction List for Robert Moran, Private.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2005 Young Adult Fiction List for Seal Boy.
  • Esther Glen Award Shortlist 2006 for Sea of Mutiny.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2006 Young Adult Fiction List for Sea of Mutiny.
  • University of Waikato Writer in Residence 2007.
  • Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal 2007.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2007 Young Adult Fiction List for Red Leader Down.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2008 Young Adult Fiction List for Monsters of Blood and Honour.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2011 Young Adult Fiction List for Smiling Jack.
  • New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards 2011 Young Adult Fiction Finalist for Smiling Jack.
  • New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards 2011 Children’s Choice Young Adult Fiction Category Winner for Smiling Jack.
  • LIANZA Young Adult 2011 Finalist for Smiling Jack.

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