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Jenny Cooper

Jenny Cooper bio pick 2013-967-657Jenny Cooper has been a full time illustrator for 25 years, working from home and raising her children Kenese and Kalia. She grew up in Wellington and lived for a time in Christchurch. After the Christchurch earthquakes she moved to Amberley in North Canterbury with her partner Chris, where she battles the nor’wester and nurses an acre of young trees.
After getting married, she lived in Western Samoa for three years, where she taught at Samoa High School and had two children. When she was 26 she returned to New Zealand and enrolled at the local design school, where she studied for four years.
Her first book was published while she was still a student, and she was winner of the 1998 New Zealand Post Student Stamp Design award and Telecom New Zealand White Pages Art Award.

Her first job was at the Canterbury Museum where she wove flax kete, rain capes and piu piu. She began freelance illustration at that time and it has been her full-time occupation since.  In recent years Jenny has begun to focus more on illustrations for very young children and, in particular, Pacific Island children. She has continuing ties with the islands, which lend warmth and authenticity to her drawings of these children and their world. Jenny has a number of styles ranging from realistic through to cartoon, depending on the theme and genre of the book. She has illustrated so many books she has lost count.

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  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2000 Picture Books List for The Wooden Fish.
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  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2003 Picture Books List for Duck Walk.
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  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2008 Picture Books List Special Mention for The Illustrated Myths & Legends of the Pacific.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2011 Picture Books List for Ria the Reckless Wrybill.
  •  Storylines Notable Book Awards 2015 for A Treasury of New Zealand Poems for Children (edited by Paula Green).
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2015 for Jim’s Letters (written by Glyn Harper).
  • New Zealand Book Awards 2015, winner of picture book category for Jim’s Letters, written by Glyn Harper (Penguin Books)
  • New Zealand Arts Foundation 2015, recipient of the Mallinson Rendel Illustrator’s Award. 

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