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Dorothy Butler

Dorothy_Butler_reading_credit_Katrina_Rees_1.jpgDorothy Butler (1925-2015) was an internationally recognised author, bookseller, editor, reviewer and authority on children's books. Her books, translated into several languages, include the classic parenting guides Babies Need Books and Reading Begins at Home, Cushla and Her Books, and a number of picture books.
She had eight children, 25 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Dorothy told her story in two volumes of autobiography: There Was a Time (Penguin 1999) and All This and a Bookshop Too (Penguin 2009).
My Brown Bear Barney was published by Reed in 1988 and was followed by several other stories about this popular bear. A collection, including three of the stories, was published in 1998. It has been translated into Afrikaans, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
Dorothy's 1992 Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal lecture ‘Telling Tales’ is available for download.
"Dorothy’s message on winning the Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award for My Brown Bear Barney:
My eldest daughter had a loved bear called, simply, Brown Bear. The family’s dog was called Barney and I combined these names to produce My Brown Bear Barney. As a bookseller later I greatly admired Elizabeth Fuller’s illustrations in the little readers used in schools, and believed that she should move into the ‘real’ picture book world. I quite shamelessly used Barney as bait and – Hey Presto! – My Brown Bear Barney was born, and has so far appeared in four titles. Elizabeth, of course, is now rightly established in the real picture book world."

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  • Elizabeth Farjeon Award (UK) 1979.
  • American Library Association Citation 1985.
  • CLA Award for Services to Children’s Literature 1991 (now the Storylines Betty Gilderdale Award).
  • Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal 1993.
  • OBE 1993.
  • White Ravens List 1994 for Where's Isabella?
  • AIM Children’s Book Awards 1994 Picture Book Shortlist for Birthday Rain.
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2002 Picture Books List for My Brown Bear Barney at the Party.
  • White Ravens List 1994 for Where's Isabella?
  • Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award 2008 for My Brown Bear Barney.  

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