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Amy Brooke

Amy_Brooke.jpgPreviously published under the name Agnes-Mary Brooke, Amy Brooke is a children’s author who is a fine exponent of imaginative storytelling. Amy now lives in Nelson.

Selected bibliography:
  • Ring around the Sun: The Quest of the Phoenix (Black Cat Books 1991).
  • Night of the Medlar (Ashton Scholastic 1992).
  • Owl, the Two & the Medlar (Hazard Press 1996).
  • The Mora Stone (Medlar Press 2000).
  • The Duck Who Went to Heaven illustrated by Dean Raybould (Medlar Press 2000).
  • Jasper and Granny May illustrated by Dean Raybould (Medlar Press 2001).
  • Little Brass Bell and Other Stories (Medlar Press 2001).
  • Dragon Moon (Medlar Press 2001).
  • From Whatever Shadows They Come (Medlar Press 2002).
  • The Testing (Medlar Press 2003).
  • Who Will Speak for the Dreamer? (Medlar Press 2005).
  • Golden Firepot = Jin Huo Guan (Medlar Press 2006).
  • Jasper and Granny May Again (Medlar Press 2006).
  • The Third Star and Other Stories (Medlar Press 2007).
  • Scorpio Rising (Medlar Press 2009).
  • Holly's Christmas (Medlar Press 2010).
  • The Cat Nobody Wanted and Other Stories (Medlar Press 2011).
  • The Story of the Lonely Silkworm illustrated by Dean Raybould (Medlar Press 2011).
  • Storylines Notable Book Awards 2001 Senior Fiction List for The Mora Stone.
Other resources:

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