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Notice of AGM, Agenda and Minutes 2021

 Notice of Annual General Meeting of Friends of Storylines Incorporated Ngā Pou o te Whare Waituhi Tamariki o Aotearoa 

Notice is hereby given that the 21st Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Storylines Incorporated Ngā Pou o te Whare Waituhi Tamariki o Aotearoa will be held on

Tuesday 25 May 2021
via Zoom

Registration commences at 6.45pm

AGM Agenda
  • Welcome
  • Apologies
  • Presentation of the minutes of the Storylines 2020 Annual General Meeting
  • Matters arising
  • Annual Statement of Accounts - Foundation
  • Appointment of Auditor
  • Presentation of Storylines Trust Annual Report
  • Notices of Motion (see Notes 1 and 2)
  • Election of Committee (see Notes 2 and 3)
  • General business.

Note 1: Notices of Motion must be received by the Secretary not later than Monday 24 May 2021 by email to: childlitnz@storylines.org.nz

Note 2: Financial members (i.e. subscriptions paid to 31.05.2021) may vote on the election of the Management Committee and/or Notices of Motion.
Members unable to attend may request proxy voting papers from the email address above.

Note 3: Under the Constitution, officers are elected at the first meeting of the incoming Management Committee.

Minutes of the 20th Annual General Meeting of Storylines Children’s Literature Foundation

of New Zealand Inc. 

Via Zoom, 5 April 2020. Meeting commenced: 12.17pm
Present: Members of The Storylines Children’s Literature Foundation of New Zealand Inc: Libby Limbrick, Kaaren Hirst, Helen Villers, Tessa Duder, Christine Young, Helen Beckingsale, Bridget Mahy, Leonie Agnew, Vanessa Hatley-Owen, Anne Kayes, Belinda O’Keefe, Rosemary Tisdall, Pearl D’Silva, Angela Soutar, Crissi Blair, Anne Dickson, Frances Plumpton, Ann Cooper, Cristina Sanders, Sabrina Malcolm, Sarah Fordyce, Nicola Daly, Anne Girven
In attendance: Vicki Cunningham, administrator; Gillian Wess, EO
Apologies: Jennifer Beck, Melanie Woolford
Acting Chair, Dr Libby Limbrick opened the meeting with a mihi and introduced those present on the Zoom screen. The nature of a digital meeting, conducted during New Zealand’s national Covid 19 lockdown, and the participation protocols were discussed. Libby pointed out that this particular meeting is the 20th anniversary of the Storylines Children’s Literature Association.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
Libby moved that the minutes of the 2019 AGM be accepted as a true and correct record of the meeting. Seconded: Christine Young, chair of the Storylines Trust. Carried unanimously by all present at the meeting.
Matters arising:
  • A report of the audited accounts of the Foundation, and of the financial performance was presented by Libby. Each aspect of the statement was referenced to a PowerPoint presentation. The policies of the organisation were explained, as were the policies involved in the $12,000 donation to the Trust. Libby moved that the accounts be accepted. Seconded by Helen Beckingsale. Accepted by all present at the meeting. The annual statement of accounts will be made available on the Storylines website.
  • Appointment of the Auditor: Libby moved a vote of thanks to Philippa Reid, auditor and moved that she be appointed, pro bono, once again as auditor to the organisation. Seconded Kaaren Hirst. All in favour
Notices of motion:
Libby Limbrick read aloud the notice of motion: To adopt a new constitution and a change of name for the Storylines Foundation, as the membership arm of the Storylines, currently known as ‘The Foundation’, and to be referred to in future as The Friends of Storylines Ngā Pou o te Whare Waituhi Tamariki o Aotearoa. Seconded: Bridget Mahy, a Storylines management committee member.
All present at the meeting were in favour, and the motion was passed unanimously.
Election of the Management Committee for 2020/ 2021:
Vicki Cunningham read the names of all nominees: Helen Beckingsale, Tessa Duder, Kaaren Hirst, Libby Limbrick, Bridget Mahy, Helen Villers, Leonie Agnew, Vanessa Hatley-Owen, Anne Kaye, Anne Girven. There being no further nominations, all nominations were accepted. Carried unanimously.
General Business
  • The annual report will be available on the Storylines website as soon as possible although it is likely that the Covid 19 lockdown may delay this a little.
  • Similarly, the Trust audited financial report may also take time to be posted to the website as both documents depend on the signatures of those involved.
Libby Limbrick called for any other items of general business. None were forthcoming.
The meeting of the Storylines Foundation was declared closed at 12.45pm.
Next year, the AGM will be under the new name of The Friends of Storylines Ngā Pou o te Whare Waituhi Tamariki o Aotearoa.

Download a copy of the Notice of AGM and Agenda.


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