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Ant Sang

Ant Sang is the author of the graphic novel Shaolin Burning,
which won an Honour Award in the New Zealand Ant SangPost Children's Book Awards 2012.

His cult comic book series The Dharma Punks will be reprinted as a graphic novel in October 2014.

Ant has also won awards for his role as designer for the television show bro’Town. He has illustrated children's books, educational comics, and has taught comic book workshops. His comic art has been featured in several art exhibitions.

Selected bibliography
  • Earthlings in Space (Wendy Pye 1994).
  • The Strange Egg (Shortland Publications 1994).
  • I Love Chicken (Shortland Publications 1997).
  • The Dharma Punks 1-8 (Self-published 2001 - 2003)
  • A Piece Of Home (Pacific Foundation NZ 2003).
  • Going Bananas - Kiwi Bites Series (Penguin 2003).
  • Tama's Big Day (Diabetes Projects Trust 2003).
  • A Samoan Song (Weldon Owen 2005).
  • The Bro'Town Annual 1-3 (Random House 2005 - 2007).
  • Shop For Your Life (Diabetes Projects Trust 2008).
  • Shaolin Burning (HarperCollins Publishers 2011).
  • Storylines Notable Books List 2012 Young Adult fiction list for Shaolin Burning.
  • New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards 2012 Picture book list for Shaolin Burning.
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