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Storylines Story Tours


Applications for the 2016 Northland, Auckland and

Vodafone Events Centre  Story Tours are now closed.

Story Tour applications are now closed and the tour is being finalised.If your school has applied, you will hear the outcome of your application shortly.
Story Tour audience
About the Story Tours

Each year as part of the Storylines Festival, Storylines Story Tours bring New Zealand writers and illustrators into schools and early childhood centres.  The Story Tours, an integral feature of the national Storylines Festival, are provided at no cost to schools. 

This is a rare opportunity for students to meet their literary heroes and to get insights and answers to some of those burning questions: where do their ideas come from? What was the inspiration? How did they know they wanted to become a writer or illustrator? How did they make their dream a reality?

Schools are invited to apply for a visit or to be a host school for the Story Tours. Schools which have not been visited at all or in the recent past are given priority. There is a high demand for Story Tour visits, so schools are advised to make early application. 

Please read 'What happens on the Story Tour?'  before completing the online Story Tour Application Form to register interest. 

What happens on the Story Tour?
The aim of Story Tours is for 'under fives' and school pupils to meet the creators of books they've read and enjoyed, learn something about books and publishing, and to inspire students to their own artistic, literary and dramatic efforts.

The Story Tour Coordinator plans the itineraries to reduce travelling time by visiting groups of schools in a district (e.g. a group spending a day in West Auckland), and appreciates when schools are prepared to host children from two or three neighbouring schools. 

The Coordinator aims to match the guest author and/or illustrator to the interests and age group of the audience. 

Suitable venues within the school may be the library, the school hall or a classroom, depending on numbers. The authors are appreciative of teachers' efforts to prepare the students for their specific visiting author (names of their books, some biographical information etc).

Depending on the schedule, a school may be asked to provide morning tea or light lunch for the authors and illustrators and their supporters (usually driver and navigator).

Auckland Story Tour

  • Monday 22 August - Howick/ Pakuranga
  • Tuesday 23 August - North Shore
  • Wednesday 24 August - Auckland Central.

Vodafone Events Centre

  •  Thursday 25 August and Friday 26 August - 
    • Thursday 25 August Years 4-6 (10.00am-11.45am)
    • Thursday 25 August Years 7&8 (12.40pm - 2.30pm)
    • Friday 26 August Years 4-6 (10.00am - 11.45am)
    • Friday 26 August Years 9+ (12.40pm - 2.30pm).

Auckland/Vodafone Events Centre Story Tour Participants

  • Nina Rycroft (Akld, illus)
  • Michael Mulipola (Akld, GN)
  • Sally Sutton (Akld, author)
  • Lesley Dowding (storyteller).
 Northland Story Tour
  • Thursday 25 August – Rodney north to Kaitaia
  • Friday 26 August  - Kaitaia region.

Northland Story Tour Participants

  • Zac Waipara (Akld, GN)
  • Maria Gill (Akld, author NF)
  • Tim Tipene (Akld, author)
  • Lesley Dowding (storyteller).
Need more information?

Schools and ECEs - do you want us to visit you but would like more info? Please contact the Story Tour Coordinator. 


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