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Margaret Mahy Award

The Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal and Lecture Award (commonly known as theMargaret_Mahy_signing_book.jpg Storylines Margaret Mahy Award) was first presented in 1991 to Margaret Mahy in recognition of her marvellous contribution to the world of literature for children and young adults.

Surprising Moments [available to download here], the inaugural lecture, by Margaret, set the standard for those given by subsequent award-winners. These published lectures, by the champions of the New Zealand children’s literature community, have enriched our literary heritage with their insight into the experiences, ideas, issues and concerns involved in writing and/or illustrating for children, improving literacy, and ensuring access to quality literature.

The award is presented annually to a person who has made a significant contribution to the broad field of children’s literature and literacy. This includes writing, illustration, publishing and academic fields. Their lecture is later published in The Inside Story for wider dissemination.

Nominations for the award close on 31 October each year and members of the Storylines Management Committee select the recipient. To nominate someone for the Storylines Margaret Mahy Award, fill in this form and email it to us, or print it off and post to us.

The 2014 Storylines Margaret Mahy Award recipient is David Elliot.
Recipients of the Storylines Margaret Mahy Award are:

1991: Margaret Mahy; text published as Surprising Moments. Storylines_Margaret_Mahy_Medal.jpg

1992: Dorothy Butler; text published as Telling Tales.

1993: Joy Cowley, text published as Influences.

1994: Betty Gilderdale, text published as Some Cautionary Tales.

1995: Elsie Locke, text published as For Children You Must Do it Better.

1996: Tessa Duder, text published as Learning to Swim in the Deep.

1997: Ann Mallinson, text published as From a Trickle to a River.

1998: William Taylor, text published as A Strange Way for an Adult Male to be Making a Living!

1999: Lynley Dodd, text published as Writing the Pictures and Painting the Words.

2000: Gavin Bishop, text published as Kia Ora Professor Cole.

2001: Sherryl Jordan, text published as Journeys of the Heart.

2002: Maurice Gee, text published as Creeks and Kitchens.

2003: Jack Lasenby, text published as Changes and Origins.

2004: Pamela Allen, text published as My Picture Books.

2005: David Hill, text published as By the Book.

2006: Robyn Belton, text published as Gathering Images: The Stories Behind the Pictures

2007: Ken Catran, text published as Teen Literature: Demons Old and New.

2008: Wayne Mills, text published as Reading Aloud is Allowed.

2009: Andrew Crowe, text published as Creative Non-Fiction.

2010: Barbara Larson, text published as Grazing the Longacre.  

2011: Kate De Goldi, text published as Legends of the Swamp.

2012: Fleur Beale, text published as Where Do Ideas Come From?

2013: Bill Nagelkerke, text published as The Sorcerer's Apprentice

2014: David Elliot, speech titled When the Bowsprit Get Mixed with the Rudder.
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